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Summer Associate Roundtable: “Law Students Speak Up”

July 21, 2023 Milbank Season 4 Episode 7
Law, Policy & Markets
Summer Associate Roundtable: “Law Students Speak Up”
Show Notes

What do law students today think about values, workplace culture, technology, privacy, work/life balance, and conflicting opinions?  Host Allan Marks explores these issues in a candid, wide-ranging roundtable discussion with five 2023 summer associates at Milbank:  Heaven Johnson-Branch; Konstantina Katsimeni; Harrison Makaruk; Isabela Motta; and Vishnu Nagireddy.  They also share their experiences and opinions on related, timely topics:

  • How new technologies (such as AI and blockchain) and shifting privacy norms will influence the practice of law in the next decade
  • What aspiring law students should know about building relationships of trust with mentors and peers
  • How law schools succeed or miss the mark in preparing law students for diverse legal careers

About the Speakers:

 Heaven Johnson-Branch is a law student at Georgetown University Law Center.

 Konstantina Katsimeni is a law student at Columbia Law School.

 Harrison Makaruk is a law student at Harvard Law School.

 Isabela Motta is a law student at University of Chicago Law School.

 Vishnu Nagireddy is a law student at Northwestern University - Pritzker School of Law.
 Podcast host  Allan Marks  is one of the world's leading project finance lawyers. He advises developers, investors, lenders, and underwriters around the world in the development and financing of complex energy and infrastructure projects, as well as related acquisitions, restructurings and capital markets transactions. Many of his transactions relate to ESG and sustainability, innovative clean technologies, and sophisticated contractual risk allocation. Allan serves as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley at the Law School and previously at the Haas School of Business.

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